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Pastel New soft-toned Graphics, Palette05

Pastels are visually sweet, soft, tender and delicate with a childlike simpleness, but not weak in its expressive energy. Whether it's used as a single colour, a palette or juxtaposed with contrasting tones, the spectrum fuels designs with an extraordinary vivacity. It calms and pleases with a tinge of kindness, warmth and sometimes mystique.

Following the success of Black & White (No. 1), Multicolour (No. 2), Gold & Silver (No. 3) and Neon (No. 4), viction:ary's PALETTE series adds Pastel as the fifth. Through recent visual experiments and throughtful solutions in extensive areas of communication designs, Pastel sets to reveal the diverse character of this soothing colour family that typically lends a mild sweetness to everyday life.

256 pages
25 x 19 x 3cm
english language

Hersteller: Gingko Press